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Want to take up climbing, hiking or paddling? Go from sport climber to trad climber? Want to get off the footpaths and experience those classic scramble routes on Table Mountain and elsewhere? Want to take the family paddling but worried about keeping them safe? We’ll show you how. And you'll have lost of fun learning with us. Come get an adventure education...

If you work or play in the wilderness you want to be suitably prepared to deal with possible emergencies. You also know that in the wilderness an ambulance is more than a phone call away so you need specialist training beyond a standard first aid course. With our partner, Wild Medix, we have designed the best availabe wilderness and adeventure first aid courses

Mountain guide, river guide, sea kayak guide, surfing guide, 4x4 guide, or any other type of adventure guide. All are jobs that doesn’t suck or pin you to a desk. All are jobs that require high levels of training and competence. We are the largest accredited mountain & adventure guide school in Africa. Expert training and assessment programmes and career guidance

Courses designed specifically for people who work in the wilderness and mountain envirnoment outside of the guiding field. Wilderness induction training, wilderness rope and abseil access, navigation, survival, self-rescue etc. Custom training suitable for arborists, nature conservation officers, wardens, social workers and school teachers. Let us help you develop your skills.

 Accredited training & assessment programmes  

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