Performance climbing  

Climbing harder routes has many attractions, whether for the joy of personal achievement or for being able to climb that stunning looking line that might otherwise be just a bit too hard.


While many of our courses focus on the 'hard-skills and safety systems of climbing, here we focus on the technical climbing skills, physical strength and psycological elements of climbing.


Participants will be encouraged to raise the standard of their climbing by at least 2 grades while on the course, and more in the near future using the climbing and training skills learnt.


This course is presented by one of the top performing rock climbers in the country who is also an experienced and certified mountain guide. Like all our other courses this course is presented in a learner-centred way with the emphysis on getting you to achieve your goals.


Who should attend this course:

Climbers of intermediate experience who are familiar with the safety skills of single-pitch sport-climbing and are presently climbing between grades 17 and 22.

Mountains of


  Course overview  

Skill level: Advanced

Duration: 4 full days

                  (usually Saturday & Sunday)

Minimum numbers: 2 persons

Maximum numbers: 4 persons


R3165.00 per person



Instructor and equipment

Public liability insurance

Cape Town City area transport if required



Additional transport

Meals or accommodation

Personal, medical or rescue insurance