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Meet The Team


Managing Director, Instructor, Guide

Walt Meyer

Joined in 1997, Walt is a qualified mountaineering guide, wilderness rescue medic (ILS/FAWM) and advanced firearms instructor. He is the managing director and head of business & staff development.


Environmental Director, Instructor, Guide

Heide Pretorius

Joined in 2015, Heide is a qualified guide, instructor and wilderness medic. She holds a degree in Nature Conservation and directs the company's environmental policy and education services.

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Senior Guide & Instructor; Guide mentor

Jeremy Colenso

Joined in 2008, Jeremy is one of the few people in the country who has completed all the pre-requisites for joining the IFMGA. He now holds the International Mountain Leader qualification. 


Guide, Instructor & Media Co-ordinator

Zane Stathakis

Joined in 2022, Zane is a registered guide who manages the websites and media. His favourite type of adventures are canyoneering and traditional climbing.


Guide & Instructor

Arie van Wijk

Joined in 2014, Arie is a registered adventure guide, instructor, as well as a registered medic (BAA). Favourite adventures are traditional climbing, hiking and has a soft spot for wild flower (orchids).

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Guide & Wild Medix Apprentice

Lené Pretorius

Joined in 2023, Lené's role is to run technical adventures such as rock climbing, overnight hikes, co-guide paddling and assist with First Aid courses. 


Operations Director, Instructor, Guide

Dries Steyn

Joined in 2008, Dries is a qualified guide, instructor and assessor, as well as a registered and experienced medic. He is in charge of the guide training school and daily field operations and logistics of Venture Forth.


Graphic Designer, Client Liaison 

Maria Lamprecht

Joined in 2022, Maria is a graphic designer by profession. She is also the voice of Venture Forth when organising guided trips and camps for clients. 


Qualifications Advisor, Moderator, Mentor

Andrew Friedemann

Andrew holds qualifications in South Africa, Australia, and the UK as an Outdoor Recreation Instructor and qualified Mountain Guide and Instructor.


Guide & Instructor

Gary Storm

Joined in 2020, Gary is a registered guide who specialises in facilitating the GASG process for the guide school. His favourite adventure styles are ice-climbing and traditional climbing.

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Shop Manager for Gear Cave

Ciaran Stathakis

Joined in 2022, Ciaran manages the stock and sales for our Gear Cave shop in Somerset West. If you need something special ordered in, he's the guy to talk to. 


Guide & Wild Medix Apprentice

Igna Mocke

Joined in 2023, Igna's role is to assist with lectures, simulations, and manage the 1st Aid Kits for Venture Forth & Wild Medix. 

Want to join the team?

At the moment we do not have full-time positions available, but we do have a wide base of freelance staff which you can potentially join.

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