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Guided Trips & Adventures

We would like to show you the mountains and wilderness of Africa, starting in the south. 


South Africa is a spectacularly mountainous country that offers some of the best  adventure opportunities in the world. World-class rock climbing, trekking and canyoneering can be found minutes from big cities or many days away from the urban jungle. Our mountains and wilderness areas are not overrun with people and civilisation tends to stop at the foothills; leaving the peaks and valleys an impeccable wilderness experience for explorers and adventurers to enjoy.

Experience Africa at altitude with us or paddle its oceans, lakes and waterways. Explore all 1086m of world-famous Table Mountain or 5896m of awe-inspiring Kilimanjaro.


We believe that mountains are not just about the challenging routes and formidable peaks, but also about the people who live in its magnificent shadows. So we try and incorporate true cultural experiences with inspiring summits.We have selected a number of adventures with set itineraries. These can be found by discipline: Trekking (Hiking), Rock Climbing, Canyoneering (Kloofing) and Expeditions. These adventures can either be privately booked for yourself or you can join a set departure.


Dreaming about a specific peak, route or tour?


No problem! We will get you there…All our guides are highly experienced and appropriately qualified, licensed and registered tourist and adventure guides, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.


Hiking, Trekking, Climbing & Mountaineering

From half-day hikes on Table Mountain to multi-day expeditions in South Africa's mountain wilderness areas or further afield....


Paddling & Water Adventures

Explore the estuaries and waterways of South Africa in style and with experienced guides. Flat water, white water or sea water....


Canyoneering, canyoning, kloofing

Cape Town offers some of the best canyoneering (kloofing) experiences imaginable. Explore the pristine canyons of the Western Cape with us....


Private Guiding & Tours

Whether you are in a group or a lone traveler, we can assist you with a custom itinerary to suit your needs and sense of adventure.

Consult with us

Contact us with your requirements, and let us make your adventure aspirations come true.

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