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Adventure Guide
Training & Qualifications

The adventure guiding industry in Africa is growing at a fast pace and requires specialist adventure guides with a high level of competence and training. If you want to enter this exciting industry and become a professional adventure guide you need to be legally qualified and registered. A high level of industry appropriate training and qualifications will prepare you for a successful career in the adventure industry.


At Venture Forth's Guide School we will make sure you get training, experience, assessment and career guidance from the most experienced instructors in the industry. We offer various national qualifications and certifications.


About Guide Qualifications in SA

Overview of the adventure guiding industry in South Africa and an explanation of how the qualification system works.


Technical Guiding Skills Courses

Add a technical skills competence to your foundation qualification to give you a scope of practice.

Mountain walking, abseil, rock climbing, canyoneering, MTB, paddling, etc.


Foundation Academic Courses

This is the foundation courses that we offer to get you on your way to becoming a legal, qualified and competent adventure guide.



Our comprehensive and unique, year-long, adventure guide training programme. Become a highly skilled, competent and versatile adventure professional.

Consult with us

Get advice from the most experienced adventure guide trainers in Africa.

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