Generic adventure site guide 

  Theory based foundation qualification for adventure guides  
  A skills programme for the 
 professional adventure guide 

This accredited program can be used for all adventure based activities including mountaineering, paddling, bungee jumping, kite boarding, surfing, 4x4 trails, canopy tours, mountain biking, etc. Optaining this qualifications allows a guide to register with DEDAT and work as a legally registered adventure guide.

 What is the Generic Adventure  
 Site Guide course all about? 

Although there are various levels and types of qualification, there is only one program that is ‘generic’ for adventure guides and allows a multiple of activity disciplines to be guided. This is the Generic Adventure Site Guide (GASG).

Although termed a "site" guide, the guide is not restricted to a geographical site as the word site applies to his or her adventure speciality that can be practiced in any place in the Republic. The word "generic" applies to the set of adventure tourism skills, knowledge and abilities that apply in all adventure guiding and does not restrict it to one activity. However the guide is assessed ‘in context’ of the activity they wish to offer. The guide must be assessed under the specific adventure skills program (TG/ADVSITEGD/4/0080) registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) by CATHSSETA which encompasses range of adventure unit standards in order to be rated an adventure tourist guide. While this may sound complicated it is actually the best way to professionalise the guide with the skills, knowledge and abilities that guides do need.

 Which unit standards are covered in the GASG programme? 

The following SAQA registered National Qualifications unit standards for part of this skills programme:


335803 – Research and design a guided experience at a prominent tourism site (Optional)
335801 – Conduct a tourist guiding activity
262320 – Manage and organise groups
262317 – Lead participants through an outdoor recreation and
adventure activity
262305 – Plan and implement minimum environmental impact practices (Optional)
262246 – Set up and operate a camping site (Optional)
255914 – Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents
246740 – Care for customers
335816 – Conduct a guided adventure experience

 How do I complete GASG training and assessment

Option 1

Attend a training course

with Venture Forth...


We offer traditional classroom-based courses run over 6 days at our lecture venue. We can also run private courses for companies or groups

Option 2

Self-directed home study

with help from Venture Forth...


Home study, at your own time. With materials and support provided by Venture Forth. You submit the tasks as you go and then attend a day of coaching with an instructor.

Option 3

Self-drected online e-learning

directly with AQN...


Online study, at your own time. With materials and support provided by AQN. You submit the tasks as you go and then attend a day of coaching with an instructor from Venture Forth.

“Dries is an amazing assessor, he made all of us feel comfortable and at ease with the assessment. He was very professional and motivating, I really enjoyed my assessment and the way it was done. Dries gave us tips on making some of the things easier and explained why, and I really enjoyed that because any of my other courses you were just told this is the right way and got no explanation of why it is. Thank you very much Dries we all appreciate your patience, and skill you shared with us.”


                                       Donovan Halsted, ATKV Drakensville

“ Hi Walther


A quick word of appreciation for the excellent training given by Ventureforth, the varied and relevant content made it a course well worth doing.


The professionalism of the trainers also made the course alive and enjoyable. I’m now registered and busy getting my website into shape. Hope to see you on the mountain soon.


                                                           Ray Leveson, Cape Town