First aid training  

  REal wilderness first aid training by true wilderness medics  

Along with our sister-company, Wild Medix, we present a range of first aid and emergency care courses specifically designed for outdoor and adventure professionals and serious recreational adventurers who understand the need for proper preparedness. 


Wild Medix offers a whole range of courses and specialist equipment but these two courses will mostly appeal to Venture Forth clients and students:

Not the standard urban first aid training. The Wilderness First Aider course teaches participants how to respond to possible life-threatening emergencies and serious medical problems  commonly encountered in the wilderness environment.

This course is an ideal introduction to the topic of wilderness first aid for people who travel or work in the outdoors. We will equip you with the skills to deal with common problems and emergencies you may encounter while adventuring or exploring

This course is aimed at everyone who travels off the beaten track whether on foot or in vehicle. It is ideal training for adventure guides and others who work in the wilds and may end up in a situation where they need to take prolonged care of sick or injured clients or colleagues.

True wilderness professionals realise their responsibility to their clients and colleagues and obtain the best training possible for the conditions they work in.