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Rock Climbing Guide certification

In order to gain your technical skills competency to add to your foundation guiding course, we offer preparation training courses and accredited assessment for various technical skills.

Rock Guide certification is available with a number of options available based on your experience and work requirements. Sport Climbing Guide, Single-pitch Climbing Guide and Multi-pitch Rock Climbing Guide. There are some prerequisites for each level.

You will love the skills and our awesome way of presenting it. All our guide training courses are designed to equip you with a variety of skills and to lead you to completing successful certification.

Course Factsheet
Courses Catalogue

Training Course Duration

Sport Climbing Guide - 2 days

Single Pitch Climbing Guide - additional 2 days

Multi Pitch Rock Climbing Guide - 6 days


For Sport Climbing and Single-Pitch Guide you require previous training or certification as an abseil guide.

For Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Guide you require previous training or certification as an Abseil Guide, Single-Pitch Climbing Guide and Mountain Walking Guide.


Topics & Content

The course is a mixture of theory lectures and practical in-field training.


Topics include: equipment, group management, anchoring, lead climbing, common emergencies, self-rescue, rope rescue techniques, etc. Topics depends on course level chosen.



You can be assessed for various levels of competency in rock climbing guiding.


This includes:

  Top-Rope Climbing Guide

  Sport Climbing Guide

  Single-Pitch Climbing Guide

  Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Guide

Please consult with us to better understand the options.

Assessment includes written exams, and a practical in-field assessment.

Assessment can take 2 to 5 days depending on chosen scope.



Training Course:

  Sport Climbing Guide: Rxxx

  Single Pitch Climbing Guide (add-on): Rxxx

  Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Guide: Rxxx

Assessment Course: Consult with us as it depends on scope.


Let's get you trained up!

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