Cederberg Wilderness    

Aside from trekking and climbing the Cederberg area offers opportunity for other activities such as cross-country mountain biking, horse riding, swimming, rock pool jumping, canoeing and even white water rafting in winter.


There is an observatory in the central Cederberg from where the night skies can be observed under the guidance of experienced astronomers. Ancient rock art is scattered throughout the mountain range and specialist tours can be arranged to view these.


A number of the farms in the Cederberg area produce very fine wines from vineyards planted in the rocky, arid earth of this high altitude environment. The wines produced are of a very high, often prize winning, quality and wine-tasting and cellar tours can be incorporated in any of our tours of the range.


Please consult with us on the best options to make your visit to the range as complete as you would like. Best of all the Cederberg offers ideal big wilderness peace and tranquillity to enjoy and relax in without disturbance from the crowds or the electronic world...

The Cederberg Mountains occupy approximately 130 000 hectares of rugged mountain terrain between the towns of Citrusdal, Clanwilliam and Ceres in the Western Cape and a good proportion of this is protected by the 71 000 hectare proclaimed Cederberg Wilderness Area. The area is situated approximately 200km from Cape Town and 3 hours by road transfer.


The area is famous for the Cedar Tree which survives in small numbers and gives the Cederberg its name. Well known for its weathered sandstone rock formations and historical Bushman paintings, which can be found in a number of caves, the Cederberg’s high mountain peaks offer a true wilderness experience not easily surpassed. Impressive features include the Wolfberg Arch and Cracks, the Maltese Cross, Tafelberg and the Spout, Sneeuberg Peak and many sparkling clean rivers and mountain pools.


The formidable peaks of the Cederberg reach heights of over 2000m with the highest peak known as Sneeuberg (“Snow Mountain”) reaching 2026m.


Animals in the area include many species of Antelope such as Grysbok, Rhebok and Klipspringer as well as Baboons and predators like Leopard and Lynx. Snakes are occasionally seen and include various species such as cobra and adder, but these reptiles are seldom of any danger to hikers.

 About the Cederberg  

The Cederberg lends itself to trekking trips ranging from easy day walks to multi-day classic backpacking adventures and peak ascents.


Venture Forth offers slackpacking and classic backpacking options in the area. On the slackpacking trips we use chalets or tented base camps from where day treks are undertaken.


On the classic backpacking trips we are totally self-sufficient carrying tents or sleeping out in caves or under the stars.


Most of the high peaks in the range are accessible to trekkers via exciting and adventurous scramble routes and treks can be arranged to include one or more peak ascents in a single trip.

  Trekking options  
View of Wolfberg massive - Cederberg
View of Wolfberg massive - Cederberg

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Wolfberg Arch - Cederberg
Wolfberg Arch - Cederberg

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Maltese Cross - Cederberg
Maltese Cross - Cederberg

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View of Wolfberg massive - Cederberg
View of Wolfberg massive - Cederberg

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 Activities, sights & add-ons  
 Weather information 

The Cederberg Mountains are high, rugged mountains reaching to over 2000m above sea level and towering high above the surrounding plains making them prone to sudden weather changes and snow any time of the year and it is wise to be prepared for all weather conditions.


It's generally hot in summer and cold in winter. In summer, wear light clothing and a hat during the daytime - adding, perhaps, a light sweater in the evening; in the winter it can be very cold with sub-zero temperatures.


Rain occurs throughout the year, peaking in early winter and spring, and with thundershowers in the summer months. Light to heavy snow often falls in these mountains during winter.

Our Cederberg trips are run as private guiding so itineraries can be custom made. Here are two popular options to start from:



Guide, equipment

Public liability insurance


Permits, accommodation, meals

All arrangements


Personal, medical or rescue insurance

Cederberg trekking trips are run as private guiding for one or more people with a custom itinerary so please contact us to discuss.